Our government members are always striving to use technology and design to better serve residents. Get to know some of our members, and discover who you can meet and collaborate with at Civic Hall Toronto.

Toronto Transportation Services


The StreetARToronto (StART) team transforms Toronto streets by working with artists, residents, businesses and other City Divisions to create and celebrate street art in neighbourhoods across the city. Since 2012, StART has completed over 640 works of street, mural and graffiti art, and added art to over 500 traffic signal boxes and cycle track barriers. Thanks to its membership with Civic Hall Toronto, StART uses new digital tools to make street art more discoverable and to streamline the application process for artists.

Toronto Economic Development & Culture

Entrepreneurship Services

Focused on supporting Toronto’s startups and the infrastructure that assists them, Entrepreneurship Services collaborates with incubators, accelerators and business support organizations to make Toronto the best place globally to start and build a business. They are building online resources for entrepreneurs and prototyping new meaningful ways of engaging Toronto’s increasingly diverse business community.

Toronto Children's Services

Digital Transformation Team

Toronto Children’s Services oversees the city’s licensed child care system, which consists of approximately 76,000 spaces in over 1,000 child care centres. Their Digital Transformation Team is doing award-winning work to make it easier for families to access services, by reducing steps and moving applications online.

Toronto Shelter, Support & Housing Administration

Strategic Policy & Service Planning

The Shelter, Support & Housing Administration Division funds and oversees a full range of housing and homelessness services, including emergency and transitional shelter, street outreach in the downtown core, and housing assistance to help people avoid eviction.

Toronto Public Health

Toronto Public Health protects and promotes the health and well-being of all 2.9 million Toronto residents. Through the Active and Safe Routes to School Project, they work with schools to increase the number of students participating in active school travel.

Toronto Solid Waste Management Services

Unit For Research, Innovation & the Circular Economy

Solid Waste Management Services serves over 900,000 homes and businesses across Toronto, and is responsible for collecting, processing and disposing of waste in the city. Their Unit for Research, Innovation and a Circular Economy aims to reduce waste and maximize resources through pilot projects, new digital tools and methods and meaningful public engagement, as part of the transition to a zero-waste future.

Toronto Transportation Services

Big Data Innovation

The Big Data Innovation team leverages emerging transportation datasets together with existing City data to develop a new understanding of transportation issues across all modes in Toronto. Their work helps to more easily measure the impact and benefits of policies and solutions such the King Street Transit Pilot and the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan.

Members at Work

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“This is really a unique project in a lot of ways. We went in not knowing very much about what was needed and what Indigenous entrepreneurs were looking for.”

Nina Gesa

Entrepreneurship Services, City of Toronto

“Connecting with members of the community that we don’t typically have conversations with means we can engage them in our waste diversion programming and ensure it meets their needs.”

Annette Synowiec

Solid Waste Management, City of Toronto

“Street art projects are such a great, imminently doable tool for communities in the city. StART can work with a community and they can have a mural within a few months.”

Carolyn Taylor

StreetARToronto, City of Toronto

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who operates Civic Hall Toronto?
Civic Hall Toronto is operated by Code for Canada, a national non-profit that connects government innovators with the tech and design community. The City of Toronto and the Centre for Social innovation are supporting partners of the project.
Are you connected to Civic Hall in New York City?
Civic Hall in New York City is a partner of Civic Hall Toronto. Their work inspires ours!
Is membership only available for people or teams in Toronto?
No! Membership is open to anyone working on projects to improve life in the GTA. We’re proud to have the City of Markham and the Policy Innovation Hub from the Government of Ontario as members.
How are you different from the City of Toronto’s Civic Innovation Office?
Civic Hall Toronto is a space for all levels of government as well as community – private sector, non-profits, and individuals – to contribute to civic innovation. The program is operated by Code for Canada (a national non-profit) at the Centre for Social Innovation, not at City Hall. We’re focused on supporting our members with smaller projects and convening people and teams from across sectors and issues.

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